Home Additions

Need More Room in Your Home?

Need More Room in Your Home?

Consider a home addition in Kirkwood, Oakville or Ballwin, MO

You may love your home as it is, but you also realize you need more space. When you don't want to move and need extra elbow room, turn to Home Construction Solutions, LLC. We can break down your existing walls and create a new layout for your home in the Kirkwood, Oakville or Ballwin, MO area. We can help you choose the materials, design and layout. We know how to make the room addition process simple. To start designing your home addition, call us today.

Benefits of a home addition

Having more space sometimes sounds like a chore, but it can be very beneficial. A room addition can give you the ability to:

  • Invite in-laws or loved ones to live with you
  • Save money by avoiding a move
  • Start a business out of your home
  • Give your kids more space to play

You can make your room addition into anything you want. Start your home addition by reaching out to our team right now.